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Find out some more about the post modern 1960s dream team...

two wooden chairs with cream canvas seat and back in small upholstery studio
Two Scarpa Monk Chairs

I had the pleasure of getting 4 of these puppies in the studio this month. I recognised the design and knew we where talking 60s/ 70s Italy but tbh my knowledge of specific designers could do with some polishing up so I've decided to use this as a chance to do some swatting up. So lets talk about the Scarpa's...

The pair where both born in Italy in the 30s, they then met in 1957 at Uni where they both studied architecture. Tobias father was a famous architect who directed Gavina SpA an important Italian furniture design company...

They did some incredible work together from interiors to lighting and all sorts in-between but lets talk chairs for now... hears my top 3

The bastiano lounge chair 1962

This was a very important design of the times combining the hardness of the wooden frame with the simple block cushions was an extremely successful design of the times. With a wide comfy seat perfect for lounging. Originally produced by Gavina SpA it was then produced by Knoll who later aquired them.

Chair (model 925) 1966

Again the wide rectangular feet and legs are key in this design, its said the inital sketches where done by Tobias father. The bent ply wood seat and back is covered in a synthetic leather and again explores the relationship between the two materials. Interestingly they have one of these in the MOMA collection... good taste ;)

Soriana for CASSINA 1969

Still in production today with Cassina, is always a testament to a design instagram fav over the last couple of years the slouchy relaxed look has won many fans. At the time it was first designed the use of PU foam was totally new and allowed designers to create shapes that would of previously been much harder, its when you begin to see these modern more exciting shapes.

Let me know if you have some different faves below x

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