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Greaves & Thomas mid century Chair masters

Two Greaves & Thomas chairs reupholstered in cream Boucle
Two Greaves & Thomas chairs reupholstered in cream Boucle

I had the pleasure of working on this pair of Greaves and Thomas chairs last year. We only had the frames as the original cushions where long gone, the process with the client involved looking at different examples of these mid century beauties online and deciding what look to go for. Many examples of slightly different cushion sizes and proportions are out there as people have re upholstered and adapted the cushions over the years it was nice to pick a style and look to suit the fabric and feel the client wanted. We went for Warwick Andes boucle which worked well to give a clean yet cosy scandi vibe that was desired.

Fun fact that Greaves and Thomas where actually based in Hackney in Clapton from 1911-1965, just round the corner! The clean classic Danish look became what they are most known for as the brand gained popularity in the 50s and 60s and in 1967 was acquired by the mid century maker Schreiber... but more on him another time!

Get in touch if you have some chairs that need a spruce up xx

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