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Contact me via the form at the bottom of this site and let's get the conversation started, to give me an overview of the project you're thinking of. 

You can let me know how you would prefer to communicate going forwards, via email, phone or in person. 


I will need some key info off you help get going...


- is your chair Traditional (pre 1950s) or Modern (post 1950s)

- does it need a re cover or total re-upholster 

- do you have a clear vision of what you want (in that case LETS GO!!!) or do we need to do some design work and get some samples before making any decisions?


I will send threw a quote, if your happy when you have picked fabrics I can book in a date to start work.

I am based in Wood Green in North London, and you can arrange to drop your item to me or I can arrange collection for a fee. 


Pre 1950's, generally will have springs and be stuffed with fibre, often horse hair. This work is often stitched to hold the fibre in place, its lovely work to do but very time consuming and there for the labor takes more time.  Its often possible to keep parts of traditional work to reduce the cost slightly. 

Traditional work using fibre and stitching can be a really amazing sustainable alternative to foam. 


Post 1950's saw the invention of foam and most mid century modern pieces will be made of foam. If your piece is older and has never had the foam replaced its highly lightly the foam will have disintegrated inside. 

Its always great to upholster an item instead of sending it to landfill, if the frame is solid and its more modern it may just need a re cover.


The item is comfy and not saggy, the foam or fibre is in very good condition and all thats needed is a new cover.  


Total strip back to the frame and, re build. New foam in a modern item or new fibre and stitching in a traditional item. 


PLEASE GET IN TOUCH FOR MORE INFO as every chair is so unquie <3

based on a medium living room arm chair

Traditional Recover from £600 -  Traditional Reupholstery from £900

Modern Recover from £550 - Modern Reupholstery from £600

Box cushions from £120

Prices not including materials

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