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TyING IN SPRINGS larks foot and clove hitch knot

Close up of knots on springs, traditional upholstery

I love the names, Larks foot, and Clove Hitch knots, and they seemed like nice spring-ish names to do a little blog post about. I hope the pictures below can walk you threw tying in springs using the larks foot and clove hitch knot. You must remember to think about what you want the finished seat hight to be and that you are compressing your springs to the correct height. All the layed cord should be taught and straight keeping the springs upright and moving almost as one unit.

Diagram of how to do a larks foot knot in traditional upholstery

Order of how to tie springs in traditional upholstery

Diagram of how to tie a clove hitch knot

Let me know if you have a go at tying in your springs and if you need any more directions!!

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